Survival Candle / Stove

Should you ever get stuck in a cold storm, whether in your car or stuck in your tent, whatever the scenario, our candle has you covered. Light this to add extra heat inside your car or tent.  

The large rectangular metal tin has a large flat bottom which makes this candle very stable and less likely to tip.

We hand make our candles from all-natural bee’s wax, it burns the longest and is hotter than soy waxes or paraffin. We only use heavy duty large hemp bees wax wicks and that is why our candle will burn for over 80 hours. Want more heat? Light the other wicks (6) in all. Our heavy-duty aluminum windscreen helps keep the wind from blowing out your candle, plus it reflects light and heat where you want it. Our aluminum foil is very thick and pliable and will not easily tear like others. Included is our folding stainless grill top. If you should need to melt snow for water, make a cup of coffee, tea or soup. The foil windscreen can also be used to make a cup capable of boiling water. We also include a full-sized butane lighter. 

Add one to every car in the family. 

                                               LIVE TO TELL THE STORY!         

Grade A, triple filtered 100% Pure White Beeswax Pellets. NO other Added Ingredients, Alcoholic Fragrances or Para-bans.