About Us

Built and designed by serious wilderness sportsmen. Put these kits aside for emergencies should they arise, in your car or truck, at home or in the RV, in the boat or on your bike... the possibilities are endless, but your life is not! Buy each individual kits or we will put them altogether into a bag for you. These kits are NOT super minimalist mini kits you see. Ours are a lot bigger, but not so big you cannot carry them. Inside each kit contains high quality survival tools. Such as the classic, full sized Gerber multi-tool with locking blades and Brunton compasses, not some cheap knock-off. We put only quality items in our kits. Watch our upcoming video series for each kit. We go over every item and show you how to use our kits. Plus we include instructions in each kit. If your life depends on them, shouldn't they be the best.

All of our kits are designed by a group of survival experts and lifetime sports enthusiasts. The owner Robert Bowman... we call him Bo, comes from a military and law enforcement background and has training in winter warfare, desert warfare, and jungle warfare. He was also a rescue diver and part of the water rescue team in the same towns he spent his career as a police officer. An avid wilderness sportsman, Bo has lived in and around the Rocky Mountains for his whole life. 

We are a family owned small business and all of our kits are put together by hand, here in the U.S. We strive to make the best, most common sense kits. We are always accepting to criticism and ideas.