Personal Hygiene Kit

It may be the last thing on your mind in a survival situation, but staying healthy is just another priority you need to consider. When we are stressed and distressed, our immunity can also be lowered, making us a prime candidate for infection and disease. Which not only makes a bad situation worse, survival experts say infection and disease are two of the leading causes of death in a survival emergency. We all remember the stories of civilizations dying from things like cholera, dysentery, hepatitis and typhoid. So keeping a good regiment of personal hygiene is important. Boil the water you clean with! Besides a warm cleansing can also lift your spirits. Remember mental health is HUGE, do anything you can to improve it. Plus boiling the water helps reduce or eliminate things like cholera, which lead to severe diarrhea and that leads to severe dehydration, which could kill you.


Kit includes


- 1 Bar soap

- 2 Feminine tampons 

- 1 Nail clippers

- 1 Comb

- 3 Lip balm 

- 3 Compressed towels

- 1 Large Compressed towel

- 3 Packaged hand wipes

- 1shaving razor

- 3 packs sunscreen (SPF 30)

- 2 Packets insect repellent

- 1 toothbrush

- 2 packs toothpaste

- 5 plastic toothpicks

- 1 Sewing kit

- 10 Cotton swabs