Survival Fire Starting Kit

Extreme Wilderness Survival Fire Starting Kit

 Fire is LIFE!      

 We make it easy to build a fire. There are no second chances. Our ferro rods are large, not these tiny ones you find in other kits. We add our Jute Fire Wick, this wax infused 15" wick is amazing at starting a fire. Use it like a big candle wick. Just fluff the head with the included serrated key, then strike it with the ferro rod, or the lighter if you want to take the fun out of it. The metal case keeps you from getting burnt. 

Also included is 6' of 500lb Kevlar line to use if you want to start a fire with a bow drill. We also include our Bow Drill Bearing Block. This makes it effortless on the hand. Speeding up the process by allowing much more downward pressure on the spindle. 

We include a collapsible fire bellow. Use this to direct an extremely effective blast of air at the base of your fire to really get it going. Use it on the coals left to re-start your previous fire to save your supplies for when you need them.

UCO Survival Stormproof matches are included.  These are windproof and waterproof matches. Not just a regular match that has been dipped in wax. These are the real deal! It comes with strikers and our tin lid has a large striker included. When you need to strike a match, we got you covered.     

We've included numerous other handy fire starting tools. The fatwood tinder comes with a serrated key. It works similar to a cheese grater. Run this key up and down on the fatwood to make a pile of fatwood sawdust. This stuff will catch easily with a spark, or match, or lighter... The resin in fatwood is water resistant and burns longer.  

We include a pack of cotton fire tinder's. Fluff the end of these and just a spark will ignite them. Add a little white petroleum to the cotton and they will burn much longer and are water resistant to help get that fire going in a damp situation. 

Also included:    

Our Survivors GEAR Hemp Fire Wick is a 15" wax infused, water resistant candle wick of sorts. Just fluff the head with the included serrated key then use your ferro rod or any spark to ignite. This gives you a very long lasting flame that is adjustable to help start those stubborn damp fires. Handle is anodized aluminum and keeps the heat where it is supposed to be.

A full sized lighter: common sense dictates that it is the first thing you should go to to build a fire. The rest are secondary.

A Fresnel lens. (magnifying lens) for those sunny days. 

A heavy duty tinfoil tray. This is used to start your original ignition. Tray is sturdy and will aid in transferring hot coals or fire to your campfire.

The Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starter is not only sweet for your gear collection, it's sweet for the planet. Made from a sugarcane by-product called bagasse, this key ingredient is already used around the world as a renewable biofuel. Each of these match points is infused with vegetable wax to allow for up to 7 minutes of burn time per each point. There's also no need to bring matches to light the Sweetfire as each match point has a strikable tip that can conveniently be used with the striker on the inside lid of the tin.

Metal pencil sharpener for making awesome tinder and of course a wax teacup candle. Wax works wonders to get a fire going. Plus it saves on matches.