Survival Fishing Kit

The Extreme Wilderness Survival Fishing kit is specially designed to make catching fish easy.  It includes the mechanical fishing devise that catches the fish for you. This spring-loaded reel has a trigger that catches fish faster than we can. It also keeps a positive tension on the line, so the fish is unable to easily throw the hook from its mouth. The fish works its way out and is pulled back in from the spring-loaded tension. This effectively tires the fish out, not killing it like a gill net would. The fish is fresh and not spoiling. Just very, very tired. Included is a brass clip-on bell that can be clipped on to notify you when a fish is on. This way you can still be working on other lifesaving things and not have to worry about having to waste time food gathering when shelter and fire need to be first. It only takes a minute to set up the Yo-Yo, add the included hook, bait and bobber, and you are done. Plus, we add a large variety of hooks, lures, AND bait to help you procure fish. Included is a frog and fish spear (gig) that you can lash on the end of a stick and spear anything from fish, frogs, birds... be creative! Spinners can be used in faster moving streams and pulled back in. Use line to wrap around the kit box as a makeshift reel. There are plenty of weights and 2 bright bobbers for that slower lake or pond fishing. Top-water flies, sinking flies like the famous Wooley Bugger fly. 

Designed by avid life long, hard core fishermen .   

Compare our kit with other kits out there...Go ahead, we're not scared!


This kit is much larger than any other survival fishing kit on the market. But not so large that you cannot carry it in a pocket.




98 pieces


1- Mechanical Fishing Reel (Catches fish for you)

1- Square indicator bell (clip onto the Yo-yo and it becomes the dinner bell)

24- various sizes of hooks

25- different sizes of weights 

2- Foam bobbers

3- Flies 

2- Rooster Tail Spinners

1- Wooly Bugger Lure

3- Curly tailed jigs with jig heads

100yds (300 FEET) of fishing line

19- Swivels (different sizes and types)

1- Full package Long lasting Exude Salmon Eggs (that's 70 eggs)

1- Full package PowerBait 3" power trout worm (15 count)

1- Frog and Fish spear gig

1- Large Prism spoon

2- Kast-A-Way lures (1/8oz and 1/4oz)

1- 36" steel leaders

1- Stainless nail clippers (best thing for cutting line)

2- Screw Eyelets

1- 6ft Poly Fish Stringer 

1- Derma-Safe Folding Razor Knife 

Instructions & fishing tips







*Check your local fish and game regulations.