Survival Tools

Survivors GEAR Extreme Wilderness Survival Tools Kit has the survival tools most sought after in a kit. The tools we place in this kit are high quality items. Such as the Gerber NXT Multi-Tool. This is a full-sized high-end tool. We included a pair of emergency sunglasses that are UV-400 rated. If you have never had snow blindness, then thank your lucky stars. These will work under your existing glasses. Signaling mirror and rescue whistle to help rescuers find you. A professional quality orienteering compass to help you find your way home. A NexTorch clip on headlamp will clip on to your hat, jacket or backpack and will provide over 40 plus hours of light. Plus, much more.

If your life depends on it, shouldn’t it be the best? 



  • Full sized Gerber NXT Multi-tool, 
  • Emergency UV 400 sunglasses in protective case, 
  • UST StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror, 
  • Heavy Duty Triangular Sail Needle, 
  • Brunton Full sized TruArc 3 precision compass, 
  • Double sided diamond sharpening card 300 grit 600 grit, 
  • NexTorch UL-10 headlamp, 
  • 8 wire Stainless Steel Wire Saw, 
  • SOL Rescue Howler emergency whistle 110db, 
  • SOL Industrial strength duct tape 2"x50",  
  • The famous P-38 can opener, 
  • Widgy 4" mini pry bar.

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