Survival Food Gathering

Survivors Gear Extreme Wilderness Kits

Survival Food gathering Kit... This kit has 24 feet of brass 22 gauge wire, perfect for squirrel snares. Also included is 12 feet of heavy gauge wire and 24 feet of 20 gauge green wire. Good for snares or with help wiring up the included 3 locking small game snares.

We put in a 4' x 12' gill net. The gill net can also be used for catching birds and small game on the ground. 

12' trot line with the downs and 10 hooks. Put this across the river, stream, pond or lake and dramatically improve your chances of catching fish.

We include a Gerber Suspension Mini tool to help with things like having to cut and twist wire, line or anything else you can think of. 

5 galvanized nails if you need to nail into wood for snares.  

Package of peanut butter is included as bait. For use after setting up your squirrel pole. This improves your chances.

Use the slingshot band and attach it to a "Y" stick. We even included 25 - 1/4" diameter steel hunting shot. Even though rocks will also work. 

We are proud of our kit and have even included instructions to help you put food on your survival table. 


*Be sure to check your local laws and regulations on the use of these items. Items   are ONLY intended to be used in survival situations.